Waterless car wash

Just Wash uses an environmentally friendly waterless cleaning method that saves up to 200L of water per wash. Our technique requires only 0,2L of water to clean a car. To provide good results, we use high quality products for each part of the vehicle and suitable microfibre cloths.


The products we use are aerosol-free and meet strict ecological criteria. The main product that we use is a non-solvent, biodegradable and non-volatile body cleaner. Our products meet strict criteria regarding the impact on the environment : reduction of water use, limitation of waste, soil protection and protection of the ozone layer.

How waterless car wash works

Spray the product

We spray the product which attracts and coats dirt thanks to its wax nanoparticles

Wipe the surpace

The surface is wiped without any scratches using a suitable microfiber cloth

Car shines !

The product covers the surface with a protective and shiny layer

What does 200L of water
mean in everyday life ?

Water is far too precious to wash a car. Just wash can do 1000 washes as compared to a single traditional car wash using 200L of water.

just wash saves 200 litres of water
Before After beforeafter

The advantages of waterless car wash

No wastage of water

Our method saves up to 200L of water per wash

Wherever you want

The wash can be done anywhere: inside or outside, in parking lots or on the street. Not a single drop on the floor.

3 in 1 solution

The products combine three actions in one: washing, polishing and protection





Discover the secret behind our revolutionary cleaning technique


The wax molecules in our products and the dirt particles have different electrical charges. Therefore, the dirt particles are magnetically attracted and enveloped by the wax particles


This magnetic phenomenon removes dirt from the surface of the vehicle and creates a barrier between it and the dirt covered by wax.


A microfiber cloth is then used to remove without applying any pressure, so that no scratches can be made on the vehicle body


Once the dirt is removed, the cleaned surface is briefly polished with a clean microfiber cloth to give it a perfect shine


After polishing and under the influence of oxygen, a protective layer settles on the surface


This protective layer keeps the car cleaner longer and also protects the paintwork from harmful UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

The products we use are aerosol-free and meet strict ecological criteria. The main product we use is a solvent-free, biodegradable and non-volatile bodywork cleaner. 

No risk. We provide our washers with very high quality microfiber cloths that are specially designed to clean cars.

Unfortunately, our products are not effective when the vehicle is filled with mud. Ideally, you should take a little water before the washer arrives.
ATTENTION: In case of a very dirty vehicle, we reserve the right to charge additional costs after prior agreement.

Our washers are all equipped with a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one nearby, the washer will use its portable vacuum cleaner which it will connect to the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.

It all depends on the type of vehicle but also and especially on its condition. On average, 1 hour for a type S vehicle, 1 hour 30 for a type M vehicle and 2 hours for a type L vehicle.

Our cleaning technique cannot be done in rain and snow. In case of bad weather, it is therefore necessary that the service is done in a dry place. If this is not the case, we would be obliged to postpone the wash


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