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Attention, prices may vary depending on the vehicle


Premium Wash

Complete and precise, the Premium Wash is ideal for a more thorough cleaning of your vehicle.


Very dirty car

Cleaning a vehicle in poor condition that has not been washed for several months.


Shampooing Seats (x5)

Removing all stains from your FABRIC seats so they look like new.


Floor shampoo

Removal of stains on carpets, carpeting and in the trunk.


Full shampoo

Removal of stains on seats, carpet, carpets, and trunk.


Animal hair

Brushing to remove as much hair as possible trapped in carpets and seats.


Ultra shine

Make your body shine while protecting it with our carnauba wax spray.


Insect cleaning

Removing dead insects from your headlights, windshields, bumpers and mirrors.



Disinfectant spray effective against germs causing viruses.


Matte car cleaning

Removal of dirt on the body of matte cars without leaving the slightest trace.

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Monthly subscription

From € 24.90

With our monthly subscription, a washer will come every month to your home to wash your car.

Just Wash for Business

Are you a company looking for a car wash service for your fleet ? We provide customized offers depending on the size of your fleet.

Frequently Asked Question

We do not provide this service at the moment, but we will offer it in the near future. For now, our washers will vacuum the interior of the car properly, and the dashboard and door panels will be dusted.​

All orders are done exclusively online via our website or via your just wash account. No need to contact us. Just click on the order button

Payments are done via online only. All transactions are secure and operated by our provider Stripe.



Lime stains are not yet taken care of by our washers because they require very specific tools and products.



At the moment we only clean passenger vehicles.


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